Intern Show Practise #2

WorldBridges Equinox Webcastathon 21-23 September 2007

Sunday 23 September 2007: 9.00pm NZT : Interview with Kim Cofino

Format for show: Intro: Equinox Webcastathon bought to you by Jeff Bridges, Dave Cormier, at
Welcome Kim
Ask Kim to tell us a bit about herself, where she is, what she does etc
Discuss Online Project Collaboration:
1. ProjectFeelGood
2. Life 'Round Here

Discuss other projects that Kim is involved in now, previously.

Talk about some of the issues and considerations we had to think about with our project and any other projects
Why do we become involved in these projects?
What benefits are there?
How do you go about getting involved in an online project?

If time: possible other topics: recently attended Learning2.0 conference; Globally Connected Classrooms; etc